New Layer

The first release of Our Neighbors, Our Stories highlights one hundred heartfelt story narratives that reflect the contributions of our neighbors and their connection to the greater Memphis story. Each narrative originated from a compilation of filmed conversations that began in November 2019 and continued through November of 2021. Each conversation was intended to build a sense of appreciation for the opportunities and challenges Mid-Southerners face, both, individually and collectively.

Our Neighbors, Our Stories honors the shared experiences of everyday families and residents in the Mid-South.

It was also an opportunity to celebrate the distinct histories, cultures and voices of neighbors who call Memphis home. Some, we already knew and others we would meet for the very first time. We then invited story consultants and creatives to help us interpret these beautiful conversations into a collection of story narratives that we hope bring honor, dignity and respect to each shared experience. Moreover, we hope each shared experience opens the door  to establishing a common ground where meaningful conversations  can take place that fortifies a more perfect union amongst all neighbors throughout our beloved city of Memphis, Shelby County and the State of Tennessee.